American Center for Folk Music


ACFM will feature a range of programs for visitors of all ages and with all levels of familiarity with folk music, from the novice to the professional. It will give them the opportunity to engage with the past, present, and future of American folk music.

• Exhibitions – Immersing visitors in the history, sounds, and culture of American folk music in a core exhibition, bringing its origins, traditions, and stories to life through video, photographs, artifacts, sound, oral histories, and interactive multimedia. Limited-engagement exhibits will complement the core experience and focus more deeply on specific folk heroes, themes, and historical moments.

• Performance and Teaching – Programming live folk performances, films, lectures and panel discussions, and youth education concerts.

• Festivals – Organizing an annual American Folk Music Festival that builds upon the successful Clearwater Festival presented in the Hudson Valley annually •  

• Hall of Fame – Hosting a permanent tribute to those, both famous and obscure, who contributed to the evolution of folk music.


The Pete Seeger Education Center & Research Archive

Featuring a range of innovative educational resources and programs tailored to learners of all ages – education is central to the ACFM mission:

• A permanent digitized collection, archive, annual publications, lectures, and symposia – an invaluable resource for folk scholars.

• Folk music lessons and concerts for children and families.

• Education programs for K-12 students that support Common Core Curriculum topics.