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Kazumi Tanaka at Russel Wright house - Manitoga



Kazumi is an artist who was awarded a residency at Manitoga, mid century industrial designer Russel Wright’s home, a National Historic Landmark in Garrison New York. One aspect of her work is to make drawings using tea as ink . Manitoga has 75 acres of grounds known for its use of native plants in the landscape. Kazumi decided she would manufacture ink using a simple distillation process from the plants on the property. She wanted to create an installation in the room where she would be doing this to reference a laboratory since she would be using lab glass distillation tubes and benson burners, and various vials and bottles to store the plants, ingredients and the ink. The bottles looked to brand-new for what she had in mind, so she asked me if I could create some vintage style labels to add atmosphere to her “lab.” I made labels in styles that spanned 19-20 centuries and created some various official looking log charts and maps for her as well. It was a fun project since it was all fantasy, no design restrictions that would normally come with creating actual labels for materials like this.

Randall Martin