I’m a nationally recognized art director, graphic designer, and illustrator who designs logos and branding, websites, print books, and catalogs and promotion for companies large and small, including those involved in advocacy, education, health, environment, and the arts.

How I approach design

I like to find a way to express the client’s point of view rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach to style. Trendy can work for projects that are short lived. For identity and promotion, I aim to come up with ideas that stand the test of time. 

How projects proceed

1.  Initial free consultation to discuss the scope of the project and brainstorm of ideas.’

2. Presentation of 1-3 initial graphic solutions for the project.

3. Client offers feedback and I make revisions and make a second presentation 

4. Usually at this point there are final revisions to the project requested by the client and a third presentation is made

5. If after three rounds no solution is expected without multiple additional rounds, we can agree either to a kill fee (50%) or an hourly rate to proceed (100.00/hr)

For larger projects that require a team, I work with collaborators under the name Umbrella Design Group

Randall Martin

Randall Martin